Nebulization is a drug delivery machine through which we send medicine into the patient lungs directly via a mist. It consists of a breathing mask that is fixed on the nose and patient mouth and while the breathing process the medicine goes into the patient lungs. The nebulizer is primarily used for asthma, COPD, and other several breathing problems, however, this process is also used in severe cases including chest congestion and nasal.

Our Facilities

We provide nebulization at your home, our team of nurses can facilitate it and can set it up at your own house. We also provide branded nebulizers and rent too.

Why buy/rent it?

  • We provide branded medical equipment as advised by doctors
  • You can get a demo by our experienced nurses
  • Get the best medical equipment at a low cost
  • Our doctor’s medical team will monitor the usage on a regular basis

How can you get nebulizers?

  • Book your online nebulizers at
  • The order of confirmation with the time of delivery will be communicated to you
  • Our home nurse will set it up at your home and will reveal its practice
  • Upon the request, our home nurse will direct the quantity as your doctor’s advice


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