Since 2015 we are are working with the elder care community in Bihar, Patna, and leading the way in making up a sustainable eldercare system. Our best approach of caring for our patients like a son and father has helped us establish the golden standard in elder care service that is very comprehensive, proactive, and personalized just like a parent and child.

Our elder care team based in Bihar work to help our patients lead a life with confidence in their own house. Addressing both the physical and social needs ensures peace of mind for their parents. More than 100 people trust SPHC with the care of their parents.

Elder care service help improve the quality of elder’s life and also for the caregivers. If you are planning to get elder care you need to have essential the types of elder care service which is available for you nearby your location. Some of the elder care services that you can look over include home care service, home nursing service, advance care, and long-term care. So, if you want any of these services, you can contact us directly.

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